Membership & Belonging


The Membership & Belonging Committee was formed in fall 2021 to build intentionality around engaging new, existing, and potential members. The committee develops and implements initiatives to increase member engagement, including but not limited to climate and needs assessments, new member support, and diversity and inclusion programs. This committee collaborates with and supports programs and projects related to community building both regionally and internationally, and assists in efforts to increase and diversify membership. This committee is responsible for two community building programs: the Regional Directors Program and the Diversity Program, as well as supporting development of identity-based communities of practice. This committee is overseen and supported by the Diversity and Member Engagement Officer.

Current Committee Members: Angie Hawkins (Co-Chair), Co-Chair (open), Kay Gruder (past co-chair), Briana Mohan, Heather Dillon, Steve Lee, Beth Olson, Mike Firmand, Jennifer Teitle, Arnaldo Diaz Vasquez, Pallavi Eswara

Volunteer opportunities for 2022-23 that directly support the strategic plan:

  • Contribute ideas to the development of a prospective new member outreach plan (entire committee will be working on this)
  • Plan and facilitate two virtual meet & greet gatherings with one focused on newer members and likely collaborating with other GCC committees.  (1-2 people)
  • Develop draft content for Welcome Video and New Member Making the Most of GCC video. These videos would be 1-2 minutes in duration (2 people)
  • Lead production and editing of Welcome Video and New Member Making the Most of GCC video (2 people)
  • Develop and lead social programming for annual conference (1-2 people)

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Membership and Belonging Committee

Regional Directors Program


The Graduate Career Consortium membership comprises 7 regions, each represented by a Regional Director (RD) to facilitate local member engagement. Regional Directors are a go to person for current and potential members, serve as liaison to the regional meeting host, and they develop and communicate resources and opportunities for members within their region. Regional Directors serve a 2-year term, and opportunities to apply to become an RD are available annually.

Current Regional Directors: Jovana Milosavljevic-Ardeljan (Chair of RD program), Heather Dillon (SW), Daniel Moglen (NW and WC), Carol Powers (SC), Rebekah Layton (SE, Co-RD), Rob Pearson (SE, Co-RD), Jenny Furlong (Mid-Atlantic), Karin Lawton-Dunn (MW, Co-RD), Nai-Fen Su (MW, Co-RD), Amanda Cornwall (NE and EC)

Regional Meetings & Events

Learn more about becoming a regional director

  • Several Regional Director positions will be available in 2022 - please keep an eye out for a call for applicants!

About Us

Regional Directors Program

Diversity Program


The GCC Diversity Program affirms the values of diversity, equity, access, and inclusion. Our efforts will focus on traditionally underrepresented and marginalized students and scholars, and recognize that diverse identities include, but are not limited to, race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic class, age, sexual orientation, gender expression, religion, ability, nationality, and parental and documentation statuses. These identities impact graduate student and postdoctoral experiences; therefore, this committee promotes inclusive advising and programming, and access to a full range of career options for all graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and alumni of graduate programs. Through the cultivation of conversations as well as sharing resources and best practices, we aim to enrich our professional community.
Program Members: Devin Horton (chair), Estely Carranza, Stephanie Eberle, Blessing Enekwe, Sudha Krishnamurthy, Steve Lee, Arica Lubin, Sonya Newlyn, Laura Schram, Shoba Subramanian, Rhiannon Williams, Brenda Martinez, Celina Chatman Nelson, Kristy Sherrer, Nora Sweeney