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The GCC Governance Committee ensures that our governing document reflects the needs and priorities of our membership and the way our organization operates today and in the future. Members of the Governance Committee excel at looking at both the big picture and the tiny details of the procedures and processes underlying the GCC’s operations and policies. We work collaboratively to move the organization forward with a lens of equity. The Governance Committee facilitates the election process, including recruiting nominations and voting for the Officers, collaborates with the Executive Committee on identifying structural and governing needs, and oversees annual bylaws amendments. This committee is overseen and supported by the Past-President.

Committee Members:  Lynn Talton (Co-Chair), Letha Woods (Co-Chair), Shana Slebioda, Teresa Didiano, Bri Konnick

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Election Cycle: Elections for officer positions on the Executive Committee occur annually in the spring. A call for nominations is announced first and then nominees are asked to either accept or decline. They then craft a platform statement around their interest in the position, and members are asked to vote on candidates. The candidate(s) with the majority vote are selected to serve on the Executive Committee, with terms starting August 1st annually. 

Volunteer Opportunities for 2022-2023: We are looking for 2-3 new volunteers to assist with the following goals:

  • Revamp bylaws amendment process
  • Create an internal document for timeline and procedures
  • Explore other membership types such as affiiliate and joint memberships