Professional Development


The Professional Development Committee was established in 2020 to identify the skills, competencies, and opportunities needed to enter and advance in the graduate and postdoc career and professional development space. The committee identifies and creates resources to help members chart the next steps in their professional growth through various means including needs assessments, research projects, webinars, and the mentorship program.

Committee Chairs: Jessica Vélez, Amber Ismael

Committee Members: Tithi Basu Mallik, Melissa Bostrom, Amy Clobes, Anne Meyer-Miner, Ashley Brady, Brian Campbell, Connor Ferguson, Cynthia Fuhrmann, Bénédicte Gnangnon, Farzaneh Iran, Mark Philip Kaloko,  Jovana Milosavljevic-Ardeljan, Shawn Nordell, Mabel Perez-Oquendo, Nicole Reiz, Alexandra Schnoes, Jan Varadarajan

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GCC Professional Development Committee poster 2023

Professional Development Committee Projects

Job Ads Analysis Poster

Individual Development Plan Project

Mentoring Program


The mission of the mentoring program is to promote professional growth and build community for all GCC members by providing a structured mentoring program that removes barriers, facilitates connections, and supports an environment where learning can flourish.  Our vision is to have an association with opportunities for fostering personal and professional growth, and to have a community for developing and sustaining relationships, offering an atmosphere of support, belonging, and inclusivity.

Mentoring Program Co-Leads: Rory Flinn and Daniel Olson-Bang