Data and Analytics

The Data & Analytics Committee is responsible for leading the strategic direction of how the GCC gathers, analyzes, and shares information relevant to the profession of graduate-level career and professional development, the GCC, and our members. This committee oversees and supports the annual benchmarking program and the PhD Outcomes program.  

Data & Analytics Committee Members( new additions)
Olivia Chesniak, Christopher Hamm, Chris Smith, Kerry Spitze, Jinelle WInt, Priya Date, Britney Blackstock
Volunteer Opportunities for 2022-23

The Benchmarking Program
 informs our understanding of the profession, our members, and how the GCC needs to develop to support the membership. The Benchmarking survey is distributed annually, and is either an individual member survey or institutional survey.  Members can access benchmarking data to align positions, needs, and advocate for themselves at their own institutions.  

Chairs: Brady Krien, University of Iowa & Nicole Reiz, University of Kansas
Members for most recent report/survey: Chris Smith, Virginia Tech;  Jennifer MacDonald, The New School; Nai-Fen Su, Medical College of Wisconsin; Jana Stone, Georgia Tech; Dinuka Gunaratne, University of Toronto


  • Data Analysis - prior experience in Data Analysis a plus
  • Data Visualization - prior experience with or interest in learning Tableau is a plus
  • General call for additional members (1-2) with interest in benchmarking and survey design and administration

GCC Members can submit data requests in the members-only area

If you are trying to establish graduate-level career services at your institution and are looking for some benchmarking data, please email

About Us

Benchmarking Committee

The PhD Outcomes Program creates, collates, and disseminates resources and best practices to aid institutions in collecting, visualizing, and sharing career outcomes data. This committee is responsible for the PhD Outcomes Dashboard and continues to train and inform the membership on best practices in outcomes collection and reporting. 

Program Lead:  Deepti Ramadoss (Chair) 
Program Members: Tammy Collins, Jennifer MacDonald, Ryan Wheeler, C Abby Stayart, Yi Hao, Jacqueline Robsinson-Hamm, Melanie Sinche, Scott Burghardt, Aleshia Carlsen-Bryan, Pallavi Eswara, Mackenzie Sullivan

Volunteers Needed!

  • Program Co-Lead: If you want to experience learning the ropes of GCC committee leadership, join the Outcomes Committee and volunteer to be a co-chair. Having a co-chair will significantly impact our ability to grow our efforts, and will help provide continuity to the important work our committee does! 
  • Graphics Guru! We need YOUR help to create snappy snippets, vibrant visualizations, concise content, and persuasive points about our work to share with the GCC community! 
  • Mentorship for GCC-members‘ Outcomes-tracking efforts - If you have experience in Graduate Outcomes-tracking, you can volunteer to advise GCC members based on your own Outcome-tracking practices! The Outcomes Committee will help connect ’mentors‘ with members who are looking for guidance. Time-commitment, number of mentees and frequency of connections will be flexible.
  • Outcomes Program Communication Liaison: If you want to get involved with our projects, and help disseminate our work to the GCC community - this role is for you! Some examples of possible deliverables would be creating a Work in Progress section in the GCC newsletter, working with a Graphics Guru to share impactful findings widely, and creating content to share resources for Mentorship-goals 
  • Outcomes Program Outreach/Engagement Liaison: Outcomes tracking can become siloed - but we want to be intentional in seeking engagement from and representing outcomes data from different institution-types. 

About Us

PhD Outcomes Program