Speakers Bureau

One of the most distinctive features of GCC members is their resourcefulness and willingness to share.  The speakers bureau is a list of GCC speakers who provide workshops and training on particular topics.  As a GCC member you can access this list to build programs at your university or organization, and also sign up to become a speaker.  Many speakers offer speaking exchanges for the opportunity to gain experience with a new audience and introduce their stakeholders to content expertise from other GCC members.  

Speaker Topics and Areas of GCC Expertise

The speakers bureau list is in the members-only resource area of the GCC
  • Career Exploration at the Advanced Degree Level
  • Individual Development Plans
  • Academic Job Search Preparation
  • Oral Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Transferable Skills
  • Values-based career decision making
  • Time Management
  • Interviewing and Negotiation
  • Resume, CV and Cover Letter Writing
  • Preparing for the Academic Job Search
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