The GCC Mentoring Program was established in 2017 and the first cohort was launched in 2018 with 13 mentoring pairs. The program has grown to 42 mentoring pairs in 2021.  

The mission of the mentoring program is to promote professional growth and build community for all GCC members by providing a structured mentoring program that removes barriers, facilitates connections, and supports an environment where learning can flourish.

All GCC members are encouraged to participate! Participants from previous years’ programs are welcome and encouraged to re-apply for this year’s program. A new application for each participant each year is required.  

The Mentoring Program at GCC has been one of the best experiences I have had so far! The 2 mentees I have been able to work with are now great friends!

This program was absolutely invaluable to me this year.

I am so glad to have participated as a mentor and gained a professional friend in the process.

[My mentor] validates some of my efforts, and gives me confidence to redefine and reorganize others so I can maximize my ability to help the greatest number of students at a high level.

I am a huge beneficiary of the program.

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