Committee Mission/Description: The purpose of this committee is to ensure the financial sustainability of the GCC. The Finance Committee assists in drafting the annual budget, processes for distributing funds to GCC committees and initiatives, and collaborates with committees on scholarships, grants, and travel awards. 


Finance Committee Members: 
Eric Vaughn (GCC Treasurer/Chair), Teresa Didano, Katie Homar, Ruth Schemmer, Laura Schram, Shana Slebioda, Letha Woods

The Virtual Career Expo Program

The Virtual Career Expo is an opportunity for participating GCC institutions to expand student and postdoc access to employers and networking.  This committee plans and executes the event through member and employer outreach. This is also one of the only revenue generating opportunities for the GCC which helps support GCC member scholarships. 

Virtual Career Expo Program Members:
Mary Bradley and Lee Tacliad, Co-Chairs

The VCE is looking for a co-chair and 2-3 committee members. Duties include event management, working with the vendor, managing GCC member registrations, and communicating with participating GCC members. GCC members who want to participate in the VCE can volunteer on the committee in lieu of providing employer contacts.