Strategic Plan


The Graduate Career Consortium (GCC) continues to grow from our humble beginnings in 1987. As the membership of our organization expands and diversifies, we are plotting a course to a sustainable and robust future for the GCC. We hope you, our current and future members, see ways to contribute your skills and talents toward several initiatives we have planned as part of our new 5-year strategic plan. We will need your leadership and engagement to realize our vision of becoming the leading voice for graduate-level career and professional development

As an all-volunteer run organization, the GCC has always and will always depend on our members’ energy, ideas, and effort to build and sustain our professional community. The past several years have shone a light on our need to diversify and support our membership, and re-envision our structure to ensure our financial viability. We have spent the past few years listening to our members and reflecting on our needs. To meet the challenges and opportunities of the future, the 2022-2026 GCC Strategic Plan focuses on these three pillars: 

  • Sustainability
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Professional development 

The value of this organization is in our community, and the way we develop as a community will shape our profession in the long term. This plan preserves the unique spirit of the GCC while providing a path forward to diversify and grow our membership, provide more skill development opportunities, and sustain ourselves financially. We look forward to collectively creating the future of the GCC with you!

Download 2022-2026 Strategic Plan