PhD Outcomes

The Graduate Career Consortium’s (GCC) Career Outcomes Committee identified and collected the publicly available graduate career outcomes of each of its member institutions. The compiled graduate institutional career outcomes are listed in this database, containing hyperlinks to reports or interactive dashboards displaying the outcomes. Master’s-level, graduate-level, and postdoctoral-level career outcomes were included. Inclusion criteria consisted of institutional reports or dashboards containing quantitative career outcomes (in contrast to institutions that solely included anecdotes and alumni profile stories). Institutions listing program summary statistics alone were not included. In all, we found that 63% of GCC member institutions reported their alumni career outcomes publicly. Data was collected and checked by Committee members between the 2019-2020 academic year using a current GCC member institution list at that time; this database was last updated in September, 2020. Publicly available data was collected using standard search engines (e.g., Google, institutional website search bars). Collected data was then presented to and screened by GCC membership for accuracy and completeness. The final draft was reviewed by the Committee and approved for distribution; the Committee aims to update this periodically

The Outcomes Committee has worked together to survey the landscape of Outcomes data reporting and visualization. Our pre-print of this work is available here:

The Outcomes Committee has created a crosswalk tool to map fields that are similar between various outcomes reporting taxonomies available here: 

Program Lead(s) and GCC Contact: Deepti Ramadoss
Committee Members who created outcomes dashboard:  Tammy RL Collins Rebekah L. Layton Jennifer E. MacDonald Deepti Ramadoss Michael A. Tessel Ryan Wheeler

**Photo Credit:  first PhD Outcomes Committee Meeting led by Melanie Sinche at the UC Berkeley Conference in 2016