Virtual Participation on Whova

How to Access Whova app for GCC Annual Conference


Step 1-Register for conference

GCC annual conference is 100 % virtual and requires use of Whova app and features from Zoom. Security measures prohibit posting links to the conference schedule on the GCC website. You must access Zoom features from integration with Whova.

The Whova app is supported by IOS (such as IPhone/IPad) and android devices;
However you can still use Whova’s web based service which you can access through
any device that can connect to the internet.
But please notice that the networking feature is not supported on the web version of Whova App.

Step 2-Plan your day by viewing the agenda for conference
                                                                                                                Speakers Now Viewable on Whova App/Zoom Links Coming Soon
                                                                                                    Step 3-Keep the social in social media  #2020GCC
  • reach out to old friends, meet new peers, ask questions during sessions, comment & share ideas
How to Use Whova Event App