Virtual Annual Conference #2020GCC

2020 Virtual Annual Conference - June 23-26, 2020
Intersections of Research, Practice, and Theory in the Age of COVID-19

As practitioners within higher education, we have many unique opportunities to access the most up-to-date research and theory to inform our practice. We infuse evidence-based approaches in our programming, and many of us also conduct research – through studies, evaluation, assessment, and more. In addition, there is also the expectation from our graduate students and postdocs that we keep an eye on developments in the field. As we come together as a community of practice for this year’s conference, we will focus on sharing the research, practice, and theory that shape our work, with a special emphasis on innovations in the age of COVID-19. 

Please join us June 23-26, 2020 to share our work, how we’ve pivoted during this time, and advocate for our profession. This is an important time for us.

 We look forward to offering the following programming:

  • 17 member-generated sessions – some keywords include: career outcomes, assessment and evaluation, qualitative data, research, and mixed methods
  • A panel discussion on "Innovations in the Age of COVID-19"
  • A second panel on "Advising During a Downturn"
  • A Pre-Conference for New Professionals 
  • GCC Committee Presentations
  • Other opportunities to connect and learn from each other
  • and more...
Given financial considerations during this time, we are giving members an option of a sliding scale for registration to the 2020 Virtual Conference. Please select the amount you are able to and most comfortable with contributing. 

To Register: login to the GCC website as a member > Events > Event Registration. Only current GCC members can register and attend the conference.

Special thank you to our 2020 Virtual Annual Conference Sponsors! This includes: American Chemical Society, Beyond the Professoriate, Franklin & Delaney Immigration Law, and Propel Careers. 

At-A-Glance Schedule

Tuesday, June 23, 2020
12-5pm ETPre-conference for new professionals
- Content includes but is not limited to the following: overview of career/professional development, overview of graduate education, case studies, Imagine PhD presentation, creative exercises, and a “Ask Me Anything” panel of seasoned GCCers
7-9pm ETWelcome Reception
Wednesday, June 24, 2020
1-1:15pm ETWelcome Remarks
1:20-2pm ETPanel Discussion: “GCC Professionals Innovate in the Age of COVID-19”
2:20-3pm ETConcurrent Session 1
 1.1: “Integrating Evaluation for Learning Throughout Your Program”
 1.2: “Perceptions vs Practices of Mentorship in PhD and Postdoctoral Training”
 1.3: “The PhD Career Forum: A Reverse Career Fair Model for PhDs and Postdocs”
3:20-4pm ETConcurrent Session 2
 2.1: “Fostering Communities that Support and Empower Grad Students/Postdocs from URM”
 2.2: “Engaging Stakeholders to Advance Career and Professional Development”
 2.3: “Utilizing a Design Thinking Framework for Program Development and Evaluation”
4:20-5pm ETConcurrent Session 3
 3.1: “Assessments for Individual Development Plans (IDP) Use: What are IDPs and how do we know they work?”
 3.2: “Sharing Innovative Uses for Graduate Career Outcomes Data”
 3.3: “Peer-led small-group Mock Interviews: an Innovative Approach for Scalable Interview Practice”
5-9pm ETVarious Optional Social Activities
Thursday, June 25, 2020
1-2pm ETPanel Discussion: Advising in a Downturn
2:20-3pm ETConcurrent Session 4
 4.1: “Intro to Using Evidence-Based Practices in Graduate Education Research: Evaluation & Assessment”
 4.2: “Elevate Your Future: A Graduate Student Career Management Program”
 4.3: “Managing Across Networks for Stronger Collaborations and Program Effectiveness”
3:20-4pm ETConcurrent Session 5
 5.1: “Curriculum Driven by Real-Time Labor Market Tools: Outcomes on Graduate Students, Faculty, and Administration”
 5.2: “Assessing the Impact of Curricular Graduate Professional Development Using Complementary Quantitative and Qualitative Measures”
 5.3: “CGS: Understanding PhD Career Pathways for Program Improvement”
4:20-5pm ETConcurrent Session 6
 6.1: “Using Qualitative Data to Inform Graduate Programming: Practical Considerations”
 6.2: “The Challenges of Developing a Core Leadership Curriculum in an Interprofessional Academic Healthcare Center”
 6.3: “Facilitating Department and Faculty Self-Assessment: Lesson from AAU PhD Education Initiative”
6-8pm ETVarious Optional Social Activities
Friday, June 26, 2020
1-2pm ETState of the GCC
2-2:40pm ETBenchmarking Update
3-3:30pm ETGCC Committee Short Presentations
3:30-4pm ETClosing Remarks
Official End of Conference
4-7pm ETOptional GCC Committee Sessions
Register hereRegistration can also be found by logging into the member area of the GCC website > Events > Event Registration.