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Keynote Speakers & Presentations
We are pleased to include three keynote presentations as part of our virtual conference:
Dr. Lance McCready, Lee Maracle, and a special performance and Q&A with Science is a Drag. 

Dr. Lance McCready
Dr. Lance McCready
Dr. Lance McCready (MA and PhD in Social and Cultural Studies in Education, University of California, Berkeley) is a professor at the University of Toronto whose work focuses on “making space” for diverse masculinities in urban education. He is interested in the ways intersectionality, social determinants of health, and gender relations frameworks can be mobilized to develop more effective programs that promote academic achievement, well-being, school engagement, and access to higher education, in particular for ethnic and racial minority males who are underrepresented in North American colleges and universities.
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Dr. McCready's presentation: “Decolonizing, Re-Evaluating and Re-Inventing Graduate Career and Professional Development in COVID Times.”
June 23rd, 12-1:30 PM ET

Science is a Drag
Science is a Drag
Science is a Drag is an international group of drag artists, research scientists, and science communicators who challenge cis/heternormative stereotypes of science via entertaining science drag shows. As they say, “sometimes science can be a drag, so let’s put some rhinestones on it and make it a party!”

Don't miss Science is a Drag
June 24th, 6-7 PM ET

Lee Maracle
Lee Maracle
Lee Maracle is a member of the Sto:Loh nation, mother of four, grandmother of four, and editor and award-winning author of fiction, poetry, and oratory, as well as Mentor for Indigenous Students and Traditional Cultural Director for the Indigenous Theatre School at the University of Toronto.
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Maracle's presentation: “Responding to Racism During the Pandemic: What are the Responsibilities of the Receivers and the Benefitters of Racism?”
June 25th, 1:15-2:15 PM ET

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Preconference Workshop for New Graduate Career Professionals
Tuesday, June 22nd, 12 - 5 PM ET

The “Preconference Workshop for New Graduate Career Professionals” is designed for those new to the GCC, to introduce them to the work of the GCC and to colleagues across the GCC’s membership. We will share examples of the work we do, identify resources, and get to know one another.

Precon Agenda:
  • Welcome
  • What We Do
  • Overview of Graduate Education
  • Overview of Career/Professional Development
  • Student Case Studies
  • Imagine PhD & IDPs
  • “Ask Me Anything” Panel of Seasoned GCCers
Followed by GCC Welcome Reception for all conference attendees in the evening.

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Conference Schedule at a Glance
All times in Eastern Time
Complete Conference Agenda Now Available 

Tuesday, June 22nd 
Wednesday, June 23rd
  • 12-1:30 PM Keynote and Roundtable Discussions
    • “Decolonizing, Re-Evaluating and Re-Inventing Graduate Career and Professional Development in COVID Times.” Dr. Lance McCready
  • 1:30-3 PM Break - Virtual Tour of the Toronto Zoo
  • 3-5:15 PM Member Generated Sessions

Thursday, June 24th 
  • 12-1 PM Member Generated Sessions
  • 1:15-2 PM GCC Business Meeting
  • 2-3 PM Break
  • 3-4 PM Member-Generated Sessions
  • 4-5 PM Get Involved with GCC! Committee Lightning Talks
  • 6-7 PM Keynote: Science is a Drag

Friday, June 25th 
  • 12-1 PM Member-Generated Sessions
  • 1:15-2:15 PM Keynote Presentation
    • "Responding to Racism During the Pandemic: What are the Responsibilities of the Receivers of Racism and the Benefiters of Racism?" Lee Maracle
  • 3-3:30 PM Benchmarking Report
  • 3:45-4:45 PM Member-Generated Sessions
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A special thanks to our 2021 Virtual GCC Annual Conference Sponsors: 

Burroughs Wellcome Fund

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