The Graduate Career Consortium regularly posts jobs available in the field of graduate student and postdoc career services. If you would like to post a job, please email Jami Armbrester.

Job Listings
October 2018

October 4: 
Part-Time Graduate Career Advisor –  University of Denver Advancement

August 2018

August 29: 
Assistant Director - Graduate Career Development, Georgia Tech
August 3: Two Graduate Career Coach positions, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 

July 2018

July 12: 
Career Development Specialist: Graduate and International Advisor, Cornell University 

June 2018

June 1:
Associate Director, Postdoctoral Affairs and Professional Development, University of South Florida (Job ID: 17091)
June 1:
Associate Director of Career Services for Engineering Masters Students, Johns Hopkins University

May 2018

May 24: Director of Career and Professional Development, Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University (Job ID: 401420644)
May 24:
Career Counselor, Graduate Student Career Development (Temporary Position - 5 months)

April 2018

April 17- Assistant/Associate Dean, Professional Development and Career Planning. Emory University (Job Number 15355)
April 17- Assistant Director, Career Development Center, Thomas Jefferson University 

March 2018

March 27Associate Director, STEM Graduate Careers, Syracuse University 
March 27: Graduate STEM Career Development Specialist, Syracuse University 

January 2018

January 17: Executive Director of Career Services, Princeton University
January 29:  Associate Director, Career Services, Columbia University

November 2017

Nov 10: Associate Director of Graduate Professional Development, Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs,  University of Virginia (job ID: 0622055)

September 2017

Sept 13th: Director, Graduate Student  Services. Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University (job ID: 401319453)

August 2017

August 21st: Assistant Dean for Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Affairs. The University of Connecticut (UConn)  (job ID: 2018048)
August 7: Employer Outreach and Internship Coordinator, Claremont Graduate (job ID: #866)

July 2017

July 31Director for Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, Washington University in St. Louis (job ID: 37367)

June 2017

June 22: Career and Professional Development Coordinator, University of Michigan
June 22: Research Programs Manager, UC Humanities Research Institute, UC Irvine
June 20: Assistant Director, PhD Professional and Career Development Johns Hopkins Medical Institute

May 2017

May 16: Program Manager to join the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute 
May 5: Scientific Program Management Scholar (Postdoctoral Scholar) at Oregon Health & Science University (job ID: IRC58410)

April 2017
April 23: Assistant Director of Graduate Education at the University of Virginia (job ID: 0620784)
April 19: Director of the Center for Education and Workforce Programs at the American Association for the Advancement of Science 
April 19: Graduate Career Consultant at the University of Notre Dame (job ID: S17302)

February 2017
February 1: Associate Director for Graduate Student Engagement at Northwestern University (keyword search by job ID: 30329)

January 2017
January 9: Assistant Director, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs at Columbia University (job ID: 086049)

December 2016
December 16: Program Manager, Office of Career & Professional Development at UC San Francisco (job ID: 46215BR)
December 5: Senior Associate Director, Career Services at University of Pennsylvania (job ID: 85-24549)
December 5: Assistant Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs at Dartmouth University (job ID: 1125622)
December 5: Associate Director, Alumni Engagement at Northwestern University (job ID: 29905)

November 2016
November 28: Manager, Graduate Student Career Services at UCLA (job ID: 25037)

October 2016
October 18: Assistant Director, Career Management at Northwestern University (job ID: 29611)
October 14: Associate Dean, Graduate Career Professional Development, Arts & Sciences, at Washington University (job ID: 34340)

September 2016
September 14: Professional Development and Career Planning Manager in the Graduate School, University of Oregon (job ID: 16198)

August 2016
August 16: Career Counselor, Office of Intramural Training & Education at the National Institutes of Health
August 5: Associate Dean, Graduate Career Professional Development, School of Arts & Sciences at Washington University (job ID: 34340)
August 1: Associate Dean for Administration & Planning, The Graduate School at Northwestern University (job ID: 28828)

July 2016
July 28: Associate Director, Graduate Student Career Counseling at Princeton University (job ID: 1600609) 
July 27:  Director of Career Services, Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, at University of Virginia (job ID: 0619127) 
July 22: Associate Director, STEM, Office of Fellowships at Northwestern University (job ID: 28864)
July 19: Associate Director, Graduate and Postdoctoral Professional Development, The Graduate School at Northwestern University (job ID: 28804)

June 2016
June 30: Manager, Graduate Programs at the American Chemical Society
June 18: Assistant Director, Career Development, Graduate Students at Washington University in St. Louis (job ID: 33885)
June 10: Part Time Career Advisor, Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows Advising Team at University of Pennsylvania

May 2016
May 25: Associate Dean of Graduate Student Career Development at Columbia University (job ID: 082934)
May 2: Manager, STEM Graduate Student Career Services at UC Los Angeles (job ID: 23806)

April 2016
April 20: Manager, Graduate School Administration at the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (tracking code: 218938-891)
April 15: Director, Office of Graduate Career Services and Alumni Relations at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University
April 14: PhD Career Specialist at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada (job ID: 10268)
April 2: Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Biomedical Career Development at University of Massachussetts Medical School (job ID: 2016-26822)

March 2016
March 18: Program Coordinator for NIH FUTURE Program in UC Davis Health System (click on link, select View Postings, and search by Ref# 044590)
March 14: Program Director, Doctoral Student Career Development at University of Maryland, College Park (job ID: 100310)
March 11: Graduate Career Advisor, Centre for Career Action, U of Waterloo (job ID: 2980) View link to full (generic) description of career advisor position here.
March 4: Associate Director, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) at Princeton University (job ID: 1600182)

February 2016
February 12: Assistant Director of Professional Development in the University of Virginia Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs (posting ID#: 0618142)
February 11: Associate Director of Graduate Student Development at University of Nebraska - Lincoln (job ID: S_160079)

December 2015
December 16: Associate Director, Graduate Career Development Services at New York University (job ID: 20098757)
December 16: Career Development Counselor at New York University (job ID: 20098922)

November 2015
November 30: Deputy Director, Humanities Alliance at the CUNY Graduate Center (job ID: 14027)
November 11: Careers Adviser for Researchers at University of Oxford (job ID: 121048)
November 4: Program Director, Postdoc and Predoc Education at the Jackson Laboratory

October 2015
Oct. 31: Student Affairs Officer IV, Graduate Student Career Services at UC Los Angeles (job ID: 22751)
Oct. 29: Director, Career Pathways Initiative, United Negro College Fund
Oct. 23: Program Coordinator (Career Services Specialist III), FUTURE Program at UC Davis (job ID: 03015324)
Oct. 20: Associate Director, Graduate Career Development Services at New York University (job ID: 20098757)
Oct. 19: Associate Director, Career Services at Brandeis University (job ID: 524459)