2023 Annual Conference


The 2023 Graduate Career Consortium Annual Conference will take place June 27-30 in Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to the conference, there will also be special opportunities for those new to our profession and for mid-career professionals.

Pre-conference for New Professionals in-person session: June 27, 2023
Annual Conference: June 27-30, 2023

Conference hotel: Hyatt Regency Indianapolis 

Call for Proposals - Submission Deadline: February 21, 2023

Conference registration will launch in February 2023. For reference, please see the anticipated rates below:
  • Early Bird Registration: $795
  • Regular Registration: $875
  • On-Site Registration: $950
  • New Professionals Conference: $150
  • Virtual Conference on June 2, 2023 (Member Rate): $125
  • New Membership + Virtual Conference Attendance (June 2, 2023): $300
  • Virtual Conference (Non-Member Rate): $325
  • Mid-career Professionals Conference: $125

Our Theme for 2023:  Navigating Career-Related Crossroads

About Our Theme

For our 2023 conference theme - Navigating Career-Related Crossroads - our goal is to explore the many decisions that graduate students and postdocs face in their career and professional development, as well as those that we face in our own careers. These points of decision - crossroads - can affect our own work and practice in career and professional development and the paths of the students and postdocs with whom we work.

The image we hold in mind for these moments of decisions that we will use this year is the idea of a crossroads – the intersection of two or more paths, roads, or trails. We also intentionally consider the use of the word intersection, the convergence of different paths, which can also be used as a convergence of identities. This convergence can be that of social identities, work/life identities, past experiences in graduate education, or a number of different identities that we and the students and postdocs that we work with possess while we are all engaged in graduate and postdoc career exploration and decision-making.  

At a crossroads, we consider where we will go next and even how we navigate our literal and figurative intersections.  At a crossroads, we decide what next steps we take toward the future we and those we work with see in the distance.  Finally, at a crossroads, we learn more about ourselves, our work, and those that we work with. Join us in June 2023 in Indianapolis – The Crossroads of America – as we think about how we can and should navigate the many moments that are crossroads to us as graduate and postdoc career professionals.

How the Theme Informs Conference Submissions and Presentations
The conference theme is intended to guide those who are considering submissions for member-generated sessions and for those who are planning the conference to use when selecting speakers and topics for discussions at the conference.  When the full Call for Proposals is released in January 2023, the theme will be further detailed regarding how it can be applied to submissions for member-generated sessions.  

In addition to member-generated sessions based on the theme, we always welcome submissions on the following topics, whether they are directly connected to the theme or not: 
  •     Addressing critical challenges to offering career and professional development services
  •     Career coaching/advising/counseling best practices 
  •     Sharing innovative programs and initiatives
  •     Novel ways we offer programs and services 
  •     Career and professional development-related education research 
  •     Community building and collaborations
See Call for Proposals page to learn about session types and proposal submission instructions.