Standing Committees

Get involved with one of the GCC standing committees! Please email a committee chair if you are interested in learning more about the work of the GCC committees.
GCC Data Policy- Please review the data policy prior to sharing GCC data.

Governance Committee

  • Identifies, develops and nurtures future leaders of the organization
  • Facilitates election process, including recruiting nominations and voting
  • Provide a yearly report on the effectiveness of the organization, leadership, and bylaws
  • Appoints chairs of other standing and ad hoc committees

Amy Pszczolkowski, Princeton University,

Conference Committee

  • The President-Elect is an ex officio member of the Conference Committee
  • Organizes and oversees all aspects of the annual meeting, including dates, agenda, invited speakers and registration
  • Prepares report on the organization of the annual meeting to be made available to all full members 

Briana Mohan, Tulane University,

Communications/Outreach Committee

  • Maintains and manages all aspects of the GCC online presence (public pages, members' only section, and social media)
  • Facilitates communications with internal and external audiences under the direction of the Executive Board
  • Recruits new members

Alfreda S. James, Stony Brook University,
Briana Konnick, University of Chicago,